Discussion: Short Books, Medium Books or Long Books?

Hi guys, welcome! Today I am here with a discussion post. So lets begin.

A book is never too long for me. May it be 1000 pages or 5000 pages, it is never too long for me. But if someone has to ask what books I prefer I would say medium books, i.e books that are more than 200 pages but less than 500 pages and shorty medium books, i.e books that are 150-200 pages long.

I don’t generally prefer books which are less than 150 pages even though they are quick reads, because in those books I think the story is not properly developed and the plot and the climax seem way too rushed. But obviously there are exceptions when the books are short & quick but also has a great plot.

When a book is more than 500 pages, then again my problem begins. I take a lot of time to finish these kinds of book, so sometimes I get a bit frustrated and I just want to rush through it and finish the damn thing. But while reading a book that is not a good thing. Mostly this happens when next on my TBR is a book that I am really excited about and the current one is going through a slow phase. Sometimes it so happens that a character who first appeared in say 100th page makes a reappearance at 750th page and the problem is that I have already forgotten by the time the character reappears what relation the character has with the protagonist or what he did the first time round, also most of the time I don’t even have the recollection of the character even appearing if he has not done anything significant. So that is another problem I have with long books.

Thus, I think the best are medium books, I think there is enough pages for the plot to develop, also they finish within a nice amount of time so I don’t have to wait a long time to jump into the next book. I do have the problem of character forgetting with medium books too but mostly I do have the recollection of the character appearing and a rough estimate of where in the book they appeared even if I don’t remember what they did.

So what do you prefer long, medium or short books?


9 thoughts on “Discussion: Short Books, Medium Books or Long Books?

  1. I’m all for books with a middle-sized page count as I find 700+ pages rather intimidating, and 2-300 pages a little short for the books I tend to read. However, those shorter books have their place and I will devour them when I’m not in the mood for anything longer than 500 or so pages. Also they make a nice change every once in a while.

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    1. Yeah so true, sometimes, especially during reading slumps I crave for shorter books. But when it comes to shorter books I tend to be picky, only those which are highly rated or the ones written by my favourite authors are the ones I generally pick.

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    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. Not everyone can do justice to the plot within 150 or so pages. I have read some incredible novellas and short stories, but there had been equal no. of bad ones too.

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  2. I don’t read short stories or novellas generally because they are too short. As it happens most books I read are between 300-400 pages but more because that’s what comes my way rather than it being a deliberate choice. I don’t mind longer, as long as it’s well written and not padded.

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    1. Me too…. most books I read are between 300-400 pages but I think I do avoid long books a bit purposefully too because it is a big commitment and I generally prefer to read them when I have holidays, and the ones I pick are highly rated.


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