Discussion: Series OR Standalone?

Hi guys, welcome to another discussion post. Today we are here to discuss about what do you prefer more Series or Standalone? If you ask me I would say I prefer standalone more. I think I do that because of two reasons. First one is I HATE CLIFFHANGERS. If I have the next book with me then it is kind of acceptable but I just feel more happy with a ending which would leave me satisfied and cliffhangers don’t satisfy me.

And the second reason regarding why I prefer Standalones is simply because series are a big commitment money wise. Three books in a series is fine but the problem arises when there are 5-6 or more books in a series then I just look at the first book and I am like if I buy this, I will have to buy the entire series and that I feel is not very economical because I am spending a lot of money on something which is practically one book.

I do prefer standalones more but THERE ARE certain things about series that standalones can most probably never match like the way it can express such long time lines and can do justice to it. Plus so much emotions can be shown when it is a series. There is so much possibility of introducing lot of new twists and turns. Another thing I really like about the series is the character development, as there are so many pages so the character development is a lot of times better than standalones.

But as series have so much possibility it can also have a negative effect, like when authors and publishers keep on extending the story even though there is no new things to write about or no new twist to be introduced. This is something I really hate. Sometimes the authors end up undoing all the love they garnered over the first few books by writing unnecessary sequels.

So all things considered I do prefers standalones over series more. But what is your opinion? Do you like series more or standalones more?


7 thoughts on “Discussion: Series OR Standalone?

  1. Hmm, I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of months now actually 😀 I have an issue with trilogies, I usually love the first book, but then the 2nd often ruins everything and the 3rd is not good enough to recover from the 2nd book. Lol
    I think I prefer ether standalones or longer series, as I feel like I can really get emotionally attached to the characters where there are more than 3 books.

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    1. Yeah so true the longer the series are the more I also get attached to the characters. Though the only long series I have read is Harry Potter, so that is my only vantage point, and I got so attached to the characters that it was really difficult to let go when the series ended.
      And I really hate when they do that, when they start of with a strong one and then deliver a really bad second book. We are generally so excited when we read a great starter and then the second book just kills all of it. It is so bad.

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    1. Yeah me too. I generally only pick up series which are finished. I just hate cliffhangers so if the series is already complete then I won’t have to worry about that. 😉


  2. I really don’t have a preference. I don’t feel like I have to read a whole series all at once, though. I keep track of where I am in a series and when I feel like revisiting it, I just pick up the next one. I read lots of standalones but I also have over 30 series that I’m currently tracking my progress in. LOL!

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    1. I actually don’t forget what I read I just don’t like cliffhanger. Whenever I encounter one of those I am sometimes filled with this compulsion to know what will happen next.


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