Connect Five Friday: 5 Bookish Gifts I would like to receive this Valentine

Hi guys, welcome and Happy Valentine’s Day! This year I don’t have a valentine so I won’t be receiving any gifts, but that didn’t stop me from fantasising about the bookish gifts I would have loved to receive from my valentine. Though in Valentine’s Day the gifts that are generally exchanged are far from bookish, but still the bookworm in me can never stop thinking about books and cute bookish things. So for today’s Connect Five Friday I am here with the list of 5 bookish things I would have liked to receive this Valentine.

Connect Five Friday is a feature/link up hosted by Book Date. For this feature you will have to make a list of five books or things connected to books. There is no set topic, so you can make a list of any bookish things.

Reading Light

The first thing on my list is this reading light. This reading light can be attached to the book you are reading using a clip. This would be very helpful gift for me because sometimes I face light issues that is why I can’t read even if I want to. So I would love to have this gift.

A book locket

I don’t have any bookish jewellery, so I would love to receive a bookish locket.

A quirky bookmark

I have a lot of paper bookmarks but I don’t have any quirky kind of bookmark like the snowflake one above. It is so cute plus this is so much more sturdy than the normal paper ones.

A Book Subscription

This is something I would really really like. And I do plan to make a book subscription as soon as I get my first salary, but that is going to take some time as I haven’t even completed my studies yet so I would be really happy if some one gives me this gift.

A kindle

I use my ipad to read ebooks but I would love to have a kindle. A device dedicated solely to books would be so good. Plus I find my ipad to be a bit to long and bulky for reading purpose so it would be really great to receive a kindle.

What bookish gifts do you want to receive this Valentine?


6 thoughts on “Connect Five Friday: 5 Bookish Gifts I would like to receive this Valentine

  1. I hope one day you have all five. Yes reading books on Ipad would be bulky plus the Kindle experience is so much easier to read. My choice from here would be the reading light, would be so useful.

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