Review Copy March Reading Challenge

Hi guys, welcome! Recently while going through my review copy stack, I realised that a lot of unread review copies have gotten accumulated. So I really need to do something about it. Hence I have decided to read only review copies next month. It is an personal challenge that I have taken up to bring my review copy stack under control, but if any of you people are feeling that your stack is also overflowing, then you are free to join me in this challenge. If you decide to join, do inform me in the comments section below.

Now without much further ado lets talk about the books that I want to read for this challenge.


Tipping Point by Terry Tyler

Trouble by Adriana Locke

Cold Fear by Michael Fowler

In Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A.McLellan

The Unblessed Child by R.J Kaldanis


6 thoughts on “Review Copy March Reading Challenge

    1. Me too… now a days I am rarely picking up review copies… like this month I didn’t read a single review copy but I really need to read them because now I have around 12 unread review copies on netgalley only and then I have other review copies as well.

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