Discussion: Do you include Rating in your Reviews?

Hi guys, welcome! It has been quite some time since I last posted a discussion. I have had this idea for discussion for quite sometime but I was just not getting any time to actually sit down and write my thoughts about it. But finally I have got time so here it is. Today’s topic of discussion is DO YOU INCLUDE RATING IN YOUR REVIEWS? I personally always add ratings to my reviews and most bloggers do add ratings but there are a significant portion of bloggers who don’t include ratings.

I feel that ratings are an important part of a review because it shows the overall impression of the book. For example, for me when I give a book 4 stars and above that means I really enjoyed that book. Enjoying a book doesn’t mean that the book was free of flaws but it means it might have flaws but those flaws were not that significant that it made me not like the book. Sometimes after reading the cons, people don’t always realise how severe they are. Like if I rated a book below 3 stars then the cons are SEVERE. That means the cons were bad enough to hinder with my enjoyment of the book. What I am saying is that I can list same no. of cons for two books, but I can give one book 4 and another one 3, it all depends on the severity of the cons. And I think for my reviews my ratings are a sure short way to know how much I liked a book.

So personally I don’t understand why someone chooses not include a rating, because I feel they are an integral part of a review, they are a kind of mini review inside a review and they give an overall idea about what the reviewer thought about a book.

Now lets talk. Do you include ratings in your review? If you do include, then why do you do it? And If you don’t include ratings, then why do you not?


12 thoughts on “Discussion: Do you include Rating in your Reviews?

  1. Yep, every time. Even if I hate a book I’ll slap the rating on there. Like to make my reviews as complete as possible. Not complete without a rating as it just leaves it up to guess work on the part of the review reader.

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    1. True I agree with you, a review without rating doesn’t feel complete at all and sometimes I can’t really decide when I read a review without rating whether that reviewer actually liked that book or not.

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  2. I do, but I wish there was an agreement on what ratings mean. Mine havent changed in ten years, for example a two star book means it was ok/average, four stars means it was great, so if you just looked at my rating you would interpret it differently based on your own ratings.

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    1. Ya… I agree with you completely. For me a 2 star book is a bad one so when I will read a 2 star review I will think that only. I do believe in system of ratings but I also see your point, we all read ratings based on our perception so this system is faulty.


  3. Interesting post. I do the star rating on Goodreads but not on my blog it’s so arbitrary and when I was doing them I kind of got the impression a lot of people weren’t really reading the reviews. Comments would be like oh you gave it so many stars I’m sorry you didn’t like and I’d be like that’s not actually what I said. But to each their own 🙂

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    1. Ya I agree, star ratings are very subjective and arbitrary. Actually when I wrote my post I didn’t think this way then shelleyrae@Book’dout pointed out that every one reads ratings based on their perspective, for her a 2 star rating is a okay book, for me a 2 star rating is a bad book. So I get your point how ratings can be very misleading. I will continue to add ratings because I feel that they kind of complete my reviews but I do now understand why someone will not want to add ratings to their reviews.


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