Discussion: Do you set Goodreads Goal?

Hi guys, welcome! I am here with another discussion post and today’s topic is Do you set Goodreads Goal? For those who are not Goodreads members, each year Goodreads asks us to challenge ourselves to read a particular number of books throughout the year. You can set any goal from 1 to infinity as per your convenience and you can also not set any goal and the Goodreads also allows you to lower the Goal if you want to, anytime of the year.

Now let’s begin.

So recently I bought Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and for those who don’t know it is a huge book, my copy stands at whopping 888 pages. After bringing the book home I was pretty excited to read it but at the same time I was also very reluctant to pick it up. Sure I was intimidated by the size but the main reason I didn’t want to pick it up was because I was 2 books behind the schedule for my Goodreads challenge. As I was 2 books behind the challenge it was constantly playing in my mind that if I pick this tome then I will get more behind on my schedule. Then I took a decision that I will lower my Goodreads goal from 52 books to 26 books because I thought that if it limits my ability to read books I want to and takes the fun out of reading then what is the use of such a reading goal. Now I am fairly ahead of my schedule and I am ready to read my big ass books.

At that point I realised that it maybe be useless having a Numeric Reading goal because what ultimately matters is quality not quantity. But still at the end of the day even though I think that the point of Goodreads Goal is maybe pointless but I still kept a goal because I still wanted a goal to challenge and motivate myself. However at the same time I have realised that the goal shouldn’t be too challenging that it might force me to not read books I might enjoy just because of some goal.

I feel that I have a kind of a love-hate relationship with Goodreads’ Challenge, even though Goodreads goal can be unhealthy but at the same time I am not ready to not set it at all because I feel that I won’t be challenged enough, so my reading level might drop. What is your opinion do like or hate Goodreads’ Goal Challenge or do you not set it at all?


4 thoughts on “Discussion: Do you set Goodreads Goal?

  1. This is such a cool topic, because I’ve recently had the same issue with my Goodreads reading goal. I am behind on my goal and I’m currently reading Crescent City (800 pages) and I felt so discouraged because I knew it would take me a long time to finish this book. That means I will be even more behind on my goal. Ultimately, I think next year I won’t be participating in the Goodreads reading challenge. 🙂

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