8 Reasons Why I Love Mystery & Thrillers #Top Ten Tuesday

Hi guys, welcome! Today I am here with an Top Ten Tuesday Post and today’s topic is Reasons Why You Love a particular genre, author, etc. Upon reading this topic the first thought that came to my mind was this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my favorite book genres mystery and thrillers. So that is what I am here doing, talking about why I freaking love mysteries and thrillers. So without wasting any time lets get to the list.

  1. The suspense: Hands down the best thing (at least for me!) in a mystery or thriller novel. That feeling that something is going to happen…. something terrible…. The Best thing about a thriller.
  2. The Psychology: Hotch of the show Criminal Minds once said, “All of us are capable of doing unspeakable things”, and most thriller novels prove that only. This is one of things that pulls me towards a thriller or mystery…… the reason why people do what they do….. What puts them over the edge….
  3. Flawed humans: I love when my characters are flawed, and thrillers have abundance of those. Everyone has secrets, everyone is hiding something….
  4. The thrill: I love when a thriller or mystery keeps me at the edge of my seat throughout with its twists, secrets and action.
  5. The Twists: For twists, I just have to say one thing the more the merrier. Good twists I think are the most important part of a mystery/thriller, and it is one of the main reason I dig these genres. I love love twists.
  6. The final revelation: For me a thriller/mystery has to have a unpredictable and shocking final revelation. I just wanted to be shocked out of my mind….. That is literally a necessity for me.
  7. Way out of a Reading Slump: Mystery/thrillers are my sure shot get out of the slump free card. Whenever I am in a slump I generally go ahead and pick up a thriller and mostly I will snap right out of the slump.
  8. Creepiness/Scariness: It is one of the things that I love about a mystery/thriller…. Just before bed I am reading the book and suddenly there happens a crazy twist…… And after I close the book I am like literally scared, and this always happens after I put down the book for the day….. a chill goes down my spine…. I love this feeling…. Really really love.

Guys, that is it. All the reasons why I love a thriller/mystery.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, for this feature you have to make a list of 10 books for the prompts given.

Do you also love thrillers or mysteries? If yes, why is that? If thrillers are not your jam, then what is your favourite genre?


10 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Love Mystery & Thrillers #Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yeeees! to all of these 😀 Thrillers are great! I used to read exclusively thrillers in high school and right after, but then got a bit tired of the genre, but I feel like I’m finally getting back into mysteries and thrillers and it’s fantastic 🙂

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    1. Me too… I also read only mysteries and thrillers in high school and also before that. I was a big fan of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Agatha Christie… I also went through a phase where I didn’t pick up thrillers that much, I only used to read tons of romance. But last year i found my love for thrillers again.

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