2020 Big Book Summer Challenge @SueBookByBook #BigBookSummer

Hi guys, welcome! I am here with an announcement post. I am taking part in 2020 Big Books Summer Reading Challenge!!!! Yessss! This challenge is hosted by Sue@BookbyBook and this challenge will run from May 22nd to September 7th. For this challenge you have to read as many books above 400 pages as possible.

I have a lot of ARCs from Edelweiss and Netgalley that I need to get to during this time plus I do also want to read books that are not more than 400 pages long, so to ensure that I complete this challenge smoothly, maintaining my sanity I have decided to keep my TBR small, 5 books only.

I know this challenge has started from 22nd May, but I am going to start my journey from 1st June. I can’t start a new book before I have finished my current one, so I thought I will start this challenge from 1st June only.

Now lets get to the books:

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh (486 pages)

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn (503 pages)

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (529 pages)

The Diviners by Libba Bray (578 pages)

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (672 pages)

My extra bit of challenge for this challenge is to stick to this TBR. I don’t know if I will be able to but let’s see.

Any of you taking part in Summer Big Book Challenge? If yes, I will love to see your TBRs too.

7 thoughts on “2020 Big Book Summer Challenge @SueBookByBook #BigBookSummer

    1. Hi!!!
      Head over to this link, this has all the challenge’s informations. This is a reading challenge calender maintained by a blogger Caz… here you will find all the dates of the challenges plus if you click on the challenge links you will directed directly to the info page/video/account. Some reading challenges like this one and the one you are taking part in is not there, but mostly all others are there. I hope you find this resource helpful!

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  1. Welcome to the 2020 #BigBookSummer Reading Challenge! I’m so glad you decided to join the fun!

    Wow, you’ve got an awesome list of Big Books ready to go! I’ve heard great things about The Alice Network and have wanted to read Middlesex FOREVER! I’m also interested in reading Woman in White.

    Sounds like you’ll have a great reading summer – glad you decided to participate!

    Remember you can come back to the challenge page all summer to leave links (on the 2nd links list) to Big Book reviews or updates.

    Enjoy your Big Books this summer!


    2018 Big Book Summer Challenge


  2. I’ve read both Middlesex and The Woman in White, they’re both very good. Wilkie Collins is one of my favorites, I love Victorian novels.

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