6 months Blogging Anniversary Special: Why I love Book Blogging?

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? CAN YOU? That my wee blog is 6 months old! Okay, I can’t. I thought I will quit within a month. Actually within a month, I thought I will run for the hills within a week. So, I am really surprised that I made it this long, and also kind of proud of myself because I am really loving book blogging and I haven’t allowed myself to ruin it yet.

For this special occasion of my 6 months blogiversary which happened 3 days ago (yes, I couldn’t finish this post within time, I am lazy all right, we all know that) today, I have decided that I will talk about all the reasons why I can’t quit even if I want to and why I think book blogging is AWESOME and everyone should try it. Thus, let’s begin.

1. This comes real close to screaming from the rooftop

Okay so if I love a book, I never stop at only reviewing it now a days thanks to book blogging, I will talk about it in atleast 10 favourites posts, 10 other genre wise favourites post, and 10 other author wise favourites post. In short I will bombard you guys with images of that book and also about why I love it so much in hopes that one day you people will finally give in and read the damn thing. Actually this book blogging thing is way better than screaming from the roof top in my opinion. Look, from roof top even if you are using a mike you can reach max to max your immediate neighbours, this way you can reach the whole world, and plus point is no fear of getting arrested 🙂

2. Bookish Community

Okay, I’m going to tell you the truth. Without the support and encouragement of you people I would have pulled down the shutters on my blog right after the first week only, but you people didn’t let me quit. The likes and comments I get and also follows makes me want to continue. I know you shouldn’t blog for the no. of likes or comments you get or for the number of followers but I have to acknowledge the fact, I would have stopped blogging if it hadn’t been for you people because you people make me feel seen, make me feel my love for books matter and that I am not the only nutcase in this world who will rather read the book than watch the movie.

3. Other Bloggers!

I love reading other bloggers posts and interacting with them. It is one of my favoutite parts of blogging, interacting with other book lovers. None of my friends are avid readers so you are the only people I can share my love of books with.

4. Getting to know about new books

Okay, this community as a whole has been really detrimental to my bank balance. Look, I am a bookworm who is everyday subjected to 10 reviews and 10 recommendations lists, how much self control do you think I have guys? But on a serious note I am actually thankful to you guys (the last few bills in my account just left the chat) because before I met you guys, my knowledge about new releases was very limited and I missed out on so many new awesome titles.

5. Making those book lists are so so fun!!!

Why did no one tell me making lists were so much fun????? Picking up a topic then opening Google in one tab and Goodreads in another one and then scouring through them both like your life depended on it to come up with 5, 10 titles to fulfill the prompt, is so damn fun. Plus you get to know about so many new books in the process or get reminded of how much you love love loved some books when you dig through your favourites pile.

6. Free Books for Review

Isn’t free books every book lovers dream! At least mine is because I am broke. I get rejected for every paid internship I apply for and also I haven’t completed my graduation yet, so the point is I don’t have much money to spend on books. You definitely don’t need a blog to get free books for reviews, but it was due to book blogging that I got to know about places to get free books. I didn’t even know what Netgalley and Edelweiss was before I started blogging. Then one day, most probably a month into my blogging journey, I saw Source: Netgalley in one of your posts and I googled Netgalley. And that was that and now I am knee deep in Netgalley TBR pile and also Edelweiss’ and have no clue how to bring it under control.

7. Book Blogging is sometimes a good incentive to read!

Okay, maybe it is just me. But I am often faced with this thought, “I want to make that list at the end of the month, but I have read only read 3 books about this topic, I at least need to read 3 more”. And just like that I end up abandoning the thought of ever making that post. But one if these months I will definitely end up reading those three extra books and make that damn list, OKAY…… I definitely will.

That’s all guys, thank you for reading my post. I hope I continue my book blogging journey for many many years to come.


25 thoughts on “6 months Blogging Anniversary Special: Why I love Book Blogging?

  1. Congrats on your 6 months! And I totally agree with you about the blogging community, it’s so lovely connecting with others who have similar interests x

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