August Reading & Blogging Wrap Up + Trope-ical Readathon Wrap Up

Hi guys, welcome! It is time for another Monthly Wrap Up. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY SEPTEMBER, that we are only 4 months away from New Year? Nope, I can’t, I just can’t. Anyway, not making this intro any longer, I will jump straight into the wrap up!

Reading Wrap Up

I read 4 books in August, which was two down from the previous month, but considering it was a really hectic month, it is still a good number for me!

*Clicking on the Goodreads Link in the caption will take you to the book’s Goodreads page*

Star Daughter by Shevta Thakrar

First book I read last month was this beautifully written blend of fantasy and Hindu Mythology. I enjoyed every minute I spent with this book. The food, the culture and the characters, everything was just so great, it was a total package. If you love mythology and fantasy then this is the one for you. I gave this book a 4.25 stars. You can read my full review here.

Ignite the Sun by Hanna Howard

Next I read another fantasy, Ignite the Sun. I loved this book. It was so engaging and addicting. If my schedule had permitted I would have read this book at one go, it was so super entertaining. It was a perfect escape read for me. Even though I loved this book’s pace and how engaging the plot was I still had a few issues so, ultimately, I gave this book a 3.75 stars. You can read my full review here.

The Twins of Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor, Lisa Rojany Buccieri

The third book I finished last month was this memoir of Eva and her twin sister Miriam. This book was heartbreaking and some times so horrifying. But at same time, in some parts, was also really inspiring. If you are a WWII reader, then I am going to highly recommend you check this one out. I gave this book a 4.25 stars. I will post the full review for The Twins of Auschwitz on my blog real soon, but in the mean time you can read my full Goodreads for this book here.

Kings and Queens by J.N Eagles

The final book I read in August was this fantasy written in poetry form. This one too was a really great read. In Kings and Queens you follow the journey of a Queen standing up for herself and her kingdom. If you know me you know how much I love reading about strong woman characters so this book was a total win for me. If you are fan of novels written in verse and strong women overthrowing patriarchy then just drop everything and go and buy Kings and Queens. I gave this book a 4 stars. I will post my review here soon (I know, I know I am really slacking) but in the mean time you can read my full Goodreads review here.

Trope-ical Readathon Wrap Up

Last month I participated in the Trope-ical Readathon. As you can already guess from the name, this readathon is centered around different tropes you find in books. This readathon was team based and there were 5 teams. I was from team Contemporary/Historical/Literary Fiction team and yup, we lost. I am a walking, talking bad luck charm. Anyway, there were 15 challenges in this readathon. The only aim of this readathon was to gather as many points as possible by completing challenges and team books. There was also points for each page you read. This readathon was hosted by @jenjenreviews and @bookrob13.

I was able to complete 2 of 13 common challenges and both of my team challenges. According to my calculation I have scored 1827 points. And my team has scored (average points, as the winner is decided based on avg. points) 3660.38 points. For more information about which team scored what point visit here.

So, now let’s talk about what books I read for what challenges.

{Common Challenge} Forbidden Romance

For this one I read Star Daughter. In Star Daughter, Sheetal’s mom Charumati, who was a star fell in love with Sheetal’s dad Gautam, who was a mortal. Now, I know they were not really Main Characters, but as this forbidden romance had a huge influence on Sheetal, our MC’s life, so, I thought that I could consider Star Daughter for this challenge.

{Common Challenge} Chosen One

For this one I read Ignite the Sun. In Ignite the Sun Siria, the main character was the chosen one. She was the last sunchild and the only one who can defeat the evil queen.

{Team Challenge} Read a “Coming of Age” novel

For my first team challenge, I read Kings and Queens. Okay, so I am a little bit foggy about the right definition of “coming of age”, but in the Goodreads synopsis of this book, Kings and Queens was described as a “coming of age”, so I think this will be fine.

{Team Challenge} “War Trope”: Read a Book With War Setting

For this one I read The Twins of Auschwitz. Most of the novel was based during WWII.

Blogging Wrap Up


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Let’s Chat!

What did you guys read and post last month? If you also have done a wrap up, do leave a link below I really want to visit and see how your month went.


12 thoughts on “August Reading & Blogging Wrap Up + Trope-ical Readathon Wrap Up

  1. So glad you enjoyed all of your reads for August! I just added The Twins of Auschwitz to my TBR. I’m a historical fiction fan in general, and when they’re based on true stories – even better.


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