Hi, I am Mayurakshi and I am from India. I generally like to shorten my name to just Mayu so that it is easier to spell and pronounce. So if you see Mayu everywhere else, don’t worry we are the same people. I am a bookworm and had been since a long time but only recently have I started reviewing, gushing and raving about books I love and Bookshelf Life was born from this desire to talk about books. On Bookshelf Life I review books, make book lists, post bookish discussions and other bookish contents. I mostly read books from all genres except sci-fi or political thriller but my favourites are mystery/thriller, romance and fantasy books.

Thank you for visiting my blog, hopefully you will find something interesting to read here.

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You can also follow me on Twitter. I am @Mayu27460135.

My pronouns are she/her.

My Rating System

5 stars: This book is a work of art. An absolute perfection.

4 stars: I really enjoyed this book. Had some very minor issues.

3 stars: I didn’t quite enjoy this book. Had quite a few big issues. Not a bad book, but just not my cup of tea.

2 stars and below: I generally don’t rate books below 3 stars because if I feel that a book is going to be a below 3 star read for me, then I generally DNF it. And I don’t rate DNFed books.


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