Your Heart After Dark Book Tour: Favourite Quotes + Cover Recreation @HearOurVoicesBT

Your Heart After Dark by Mahtab Rohan

Release Date: September 4, 2020

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal 


Maria Chaudhry’s personal demons trap her in a downward spiral, but the beast lurking in Ehmet’s blood can do a lot worse than that.

After a year of living in a prissy suburb, Maria Chaudhry is back downtown. Back to what she never wanted to leave. But she can’t really enjoy it since neither the living nor the dead will leave her in peace.

JC’s death still keeps her up at night and Ehmet’s sudden ambivalence isn’t helping. Maybe she had read his signals wrong and Ehmet was never in love with her like she thought. Or maybe his love is tangled with secrets too dark to speak aloud, secrets about JC’s death and the unpredictable beast in Ehmet’s blood.

When an upcoming hiking trip is canceled, there’s no pretty path left towards the truth. A growing spiral of deceit threatens to tear Maria and Ehmet apart forever, but the beast lurking within Ehmet can do a lot worse than that.

Mahtab Rohan’s debut YA novel delivers a paranormal tale of crumbling friendships, malevolent secrets, and the struggle to have hope in the face of uncertainty.

Goodreads / Amazon (At the time of writing this post, this book is free on KU)

Favourite Quotes

“What I am not telling her is I love walking in the rain, in storms, in chaotic furious weather. I think we all secretly like it, a few moments of being one with the chaos.”
“Be careful who you tell, because telling always comes with losing, and losing certain people will unhinge you.”
“Like I said, there is no easy way to stop loving someone”

Cover Recreation

Hi! So, for Cover Recreation I have something different for you guys. I actually drew the cover, that is I recreated the cover for Your Heart After Dark by drawing it using my ipad, Adobe Sketch and a stylus. I know that cover recreation generally means dressing as the MC and all, but I decided to do a cover recreation only 2 days back so I didn’t have any time to buy the clothes, and I don’t own a purple orna. To be true, I did try using a different coloured orna for the scarf, but frankly, the resulting picture looked more like I am mocking the book rather than celebrating it. So, I had almost abandoned the idea of recreation. But then, I saw Linda’s Always Human’s recreation post here, and I thought I can do this. I had never painted anything on my ipad before, neither did I have the Apple Stylus, but then also, I told you before, there is no limit to my optimism, I decided to draw the cover. I used the ordinary stylus with a rubber bubble at the top. This is the result….

For my first attempt I think it is good 😉 If you like my cover recreation or if you have some tips for my next time please to do say something in the comments below, it will really motivate me to try more cover recreations and other drawing stuff.

Author Bio

MAHTAB ROHAN is a Canadian writer of South Asian & Himalayan descent. Rohan was born in Ontario and currently resides in the relentlessly cold Canadian Prairies.
When she’s not writing stories that keep her up at night, she’s busy perfecting her square rotis and tutoring English.

Your Heart After Dark is Mahtab Rohan’s debut novel.

Website // Twitter


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